Alphaliner™ UV CIPP Pipe Rehabilitation Service

Accredited by Reline America ®, Fjord Fusion offers the ALPHALINER™ UV sewer pipe rehabilitation service. The glass fiber liner allows to rehabilitate:

  • sanitary and storm sewer pipes,
  • industrial pipes,
  • culverts.

Fiberglass reinforced and helically wound, the Alphaliner 500 & 1500 liners are custom made to project specifications with the finest materials.

Liners are available in diameters ranging from 150 mm to 1350 mm (6in. to 54in.), and can be produced in continuous lengths greater than 305 meters (100 feet).

Reline America plant is ISO 9001:2008 certified and the liner complies with BNQ 1809-400 standards (SEWER PIPE LINING). The in-house laboratory tests raw materials and all the liners throughout the process. In addition, the UV light train is produced by the liner manufacturer. This ensures better quality control and reliability of the final product.