• Pipe fusion

    Fjord Fusion offers the PVC (certified by IPEX) and HDPE (certified by McElroy) pipe fusion service. Fused pipes have the advantage of being monolithic, preventing the infiltration and exfiltration during installation below the water table. This also prevents leakage on unstable and muddy land or during earthquakes or floods. PVC and HDPE pipes are used in drinking, sanitary and storm water systems, mining residue lines, or in water intakes.

  • Sewer pipe rehabilitation

    Accredited by Reline America ®, Fjord Fusion offers the ALPHALINER™ UV sewer pipe rehabilitation service. The glass fiber liner allows to rehabilitate sanitary and storm sewer pipes, industrial pipes and culverts.

  • Other services

    Fjord Fusion offers hot tap service on water main (100mm/4po to 200mm/8po) and the sewer pipe CCTV inspection service.

  • Waterworks sector

    Waterworks sector

    Fjord Fusion work in waterworks sector (drinking water and sewer) as for PVC and HDPE pipes fusion than the sewer pipe rehabilitation.

  • Industrial/mining sector

    Industrial/mining sector

    Fjord Fusion work in the industrial and mining for the fusion of HDPE pipe. Over the years, we have gained experience that sets us apart from the competition. Also, with the Alphaliner ™ coatings, it is possible to make the rehabilitation of conduct that requires a certain chemical resistance.

  • Qualified team

    Qualified team

    All Fjord Fusion technicians have their construction card and are certified by the equipment manufacturer and pipe manufacturers. In addition to the pipe fusion service, Fjord Fusion offers a readily available technical support to assist you when carrying out the work.

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